General Electrical Equipment & Parts

Our products include the following below, but not limited to the list below.

Adaptors ElectricalAdaptors FluorescentAdaptors Multi Plug
Adaptors PgAdaptors Surge ProtectionAerial Bundle Conductor Clamps
Aerial Bundle Conductor ConnectorsAluminium ConductorsArrestors Lightning
Automatic Cable Cutting Stripping & CrimpingBatteries AlkalineBatteries General Purpose
Batteries Large TorchBatteries Lighting EmergencyBatteries Lithium
Batteries MediumBatteries Mini PenlightBatteries Nickel Cadmium
Batteries Nickel HydrideBatteries PenlightBatteries Rechargeable Torch
Battery ChargersBeacons RotatingBeacons Xenon
Bell PushBoots Straight Heat ShrinkableBoxes Electrical
Boxes Electrical FlameproofBoxes PanelBundle Conductors Aerial
Busbar InsulatorsBusbar Trunking Power CentreBusbars Copper
Conductors Overhead LineConduit AluminiumConduit Coupling
Conduit ElectricalConduit Fittings GalvanisedConduit Fittings Pvc
Conduit Flexible ElectricalConduit GalvanisedConduit Plastic
Conduit PvcConnectors KettleCrimping Lugs
Dead End FittingsDead Ends Overhead LineDistribution Boxes Fibreglass
Ducting Pvc For SwitchboardsEarth BarsEarthing Rods
Earthing Rods Copper CoatedEarthing Rods Steel Copper CladEarthing Strand Anti Theft
Earthing Strips Perforated CopperEarthleakage Protected SocketsEarthleakage Protection Units Domestic
Earthleakage Protection Units IndustrialElectrical EquipmentElectrical Equipment Explosion Proof
Electrical Equipment FlameproofElectrical Equipment High VoltageElectrical Equipment Low Voltage
Electrical Equipment Medium VoltageElectrical Outlets Floor SurfaceElectrical Sleeving
Electrical TerminalsElements ElectricalExtension Cord Reel
Extension CordsFlashersFlashers Strobe
Fuse BasesFuse CarriersFuse Holders
Fuse Links ExpulsionFuse Links High VoltageFuse Links Industrial
Fuse Links Semi Conductor ProtectionFusesFuses Blade Type
Fuses BottleFuses CeramicFuses Cut Out
Fuses CylindricalFuses DiazedFuses Din
Fuses DomesticFuses Drop OutFuses Expulsion
Fuses GlassFuses High SpeedFuses High Voltage
Fuses High Voltage HrcFuses HrcFuses Low Voltage Hrc
Fuses NeozedFuses PorcelainFuses Semi Conductor
Fuses StoveGrommetsHangers Wiring Channel
Heat Shrinkable Repair SleevesHootersHrc Carriers
Insulating Sleeving GlassInsulating Sleeving PvcInsulating Tapes
Insulators Glass DiscInsulators Long RodInsulators Overhead Line
Insulators PorcelainInsulators PostLine Earthing Equipment Overhead
Line Material OverheadLine TapsLugs Pre Insulated
Lugs TerminalMain Units Ring Medium Extensible Oil TypeMain Units Ring Medium Voltage
MultiplugsNeutral BarsOverhead Conductor Fittings Aluminium
Overhead Expulsion UnitsOverhead Line EquipmentOverhead Power Line Fittings
Overhead Power Line MaterialOverloadsPanels Electrical
PhotocellsPigtailsPlugs & Sockets Flameproof
Plugs & Sockets IndustrialPlugs & Sockets Multi PinPlugs & Sockets Welding
Plugs BananaPlugs ElectricalPlugs Surge Protection
Power SkirtingPower Skirting Compact Single Cover ConcPower Skirting Metal
Power Skirting PvcProtistorsRectifiers
Rectifiers ThyristorReducers ElectricalRelay Bases
Relay Interfaces ModularRelaysRelays Ac
Relays EarthleakageRelays IndustrialRelays Latching
Relays MonitoringRelays Multi Pin Plug InRelays Overload
Relays Pcb MountableRelays Phase AngleRelays Phase Failure
Relays Plug InRelays SafetyRelays Solid State
Relays Time DelayRing Main UnitsSleeving Fibreglass
Sleeving HeatshrinkSockets & Plugs Water TightSockets Banana
Sockets DaylightSockets SwitchedSockets Telephone
Sockets UnswitchedSurge ArrestorsSurge Protectors
Switch BoxesTerminal BlocksTerminal Blocks Fused
Terminal Blocks Knife DisconnectTerminal BoxesTerminal Cable Ends
Terminal ConnectorsTerminals Pre InsulatedTerminals Rail Mounted Din
Terminals Rail Mounted FuseTerminals SpadeTerminations Xl Pe Cable
Test BlocksThermistorsThermostats
Trunking BusbarTrunking EgaTrunking Plastic
Trunking PvcTrunking SlottedUnderload Relay
Wiring Channels ElectricalWiring Channels Pvc